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Geography Schemes of Work

  • enhance their skills of geographical enquiry, both within and outside the classroom;
  • extend skills of graphical, statistical and spatial analysis;
  • extend the range of available primary and secondary information and sources to enhance their geographical knowledge and to provide raw material for investigation;
  • simulate or model abstract or complex geographical systems or processes;
  • develop their understanding of geographical patterns, processes and relationships;
  • access a range of images of people, places and environments;
  • communicate and exchange information with other pupils and adults in contrasting localities;
  • develop an awareness of the impact of ICT on the full range of human activities and the changing pattern of economic activities

    ["Identification of Needs: Secondary Geography" TTA 1999]

Unit 1

Year 1

Title: Around our school - the local area

Unit 2

Year 1

Title: How can we make our local area safer?

Unit 3

Year 2

Title: An island home

Unit 4

Year 2

Title: Going to the seaside

Unit 5

Year 1/2

Title: Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?

Unit 6

Year 3

Title: Investigating our local area

Unit 7

Year 3

Title: Weather around the world

Unit 8

Year 4

Title: Improving the environment

Unit 9

Year 4

Title: Village settlers

Unit 10

Year 4

Title: A village in India

Unit 11

Year 5

Title: Water

Unit 12

Year 5

Title: Should the high street be close to traffic?

Unit 13

Year 5

Title: A contrasting UK locality - Llandudno

Unit 14

Year 6

Title: Investigating rivers

Unit 15

Year 6

Title: The mountain environment

Unit 16

Year 3-6

Title: What's in the news?

Unit 17

Year 2

Title: Global eye

Unit 18

Year 3-6

Title: Connecting ourselves to the world

Unit 19

Year 4

Title: How and where do we spend our time?

Unit 20

Year 5

Title: Local traffic - an environmental issue

Unit 21

Year 3/4

Title: How can we improve the area we can see from our window?

Unit 22

Year 2

Title: A contrasting locality overseas - Tocuaro

Unit 23

Year 5/6

Title: Investigating coasts

Unit 24

Year 1-6

Title: Passport to the world

Unit 25

Year 1-6

Title: Geography and numbers

Geography ICT Activities

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