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Design and Technology

In Design and Technology ICT can enhance teaching and learning by enabling pupils to:

Design and Technology
Schemes of Work

  • generate, explore and develop design ideas using paint and drawing packages to manipulate text and images;
  • communicate design ideas;
  • simulate and model ideas;
  • access information using CD-ROMs and the Internet;
  • control and program electrical and mechanical designs.


["Identification of Needs:
Secondary Design and 
TTA 1999] 

Unit 1a

Year 1

Unit 4a

Year 4

Title: Moving Pictures

Title: Money containers

Unit 1b

Year 1

Unit 4b

Year 4

Title: Playgrounds

Title: Storybooks

Unit 1c

Year 1

Unit 4d

Year 4

Title: Eat more fruit and vegetables

Title: Alarms

Unit 1d

Year 1

Unit 4e

Year 4

Title: Homes

Title: Lighting it up

Unit 2a

Year 2

Unit 5a

Year 5

Title: Vehicles

Title: Musical instruments

Unit 2b

Year 2

Unit 5b

Year 5

Title: Puppets

Title: Bread

Unit 2c

Year 2

Unit 5c

Year 5

Title: Winding up

Title: Moving toys

Unit 2d

Year 2

Unit 5d

Year 5

Title: Joseph's coat

Title: Biscuits

Unit 3a

Year 3

Unit 6a

Year 6

Title: Packaging

Title: Shelters

Unit 3b

Year 3

Unit 6b

Year 6

Title: Sandwich snacks

Title: Slippers

Unit 3c

Year 3

Unit 6c

Year 6

Title: Moving monsters

Title: Fairground

Unit 3d

Year 3

Unit 6d

Year 6

Title: Photograph frames

Title: Controllable vehicles

Design and Technology ICT Activities

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