ICT Training for Teachers

Secondary Core Materials

Introduction to the Core Materials

We have provided two sets of core materials, Primary and Secondary.

The Primary Core Materials have been written to appeal to all teachers who are new to Information and Communications Technology, or who wish to develop a better understanding of the uses of ICT in teaching and learning. Most secondary teachers will find the Primary Materials perfectly relevant to their phase, as we have given examples and links to Key Stages 1-3. If you are in doubt, we advise you to start here.

The Secondary Core Materials cover aspects of Information and Communications Technology which we hope will be of general interest to all secondary teachers. The materials will also be of specific interest to primary or secondary ICT co-ordinators and to anyone with responsibility for school-based initial teacher training and the induction of new teachers.

The Secondary Materials exist as a set, but it is not anticipated that teachers will read them as a whole. Rather it is anticipated that subject teachers will begin with their own subject materials, and will be referred to the core materials from there, as and when appropriate.

Links will also be established with other relevant materials which exist in this web site and beyond.



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